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Service Level Objectives for Internet

RESIDENTIAL-TOKENS = 99.9% Availability with Market-based Best Effort Time-to-Repair

ALL TOKENS = 35 msec delay (latency) and 99.9% Throughput

Community-based Internet provider

Who Are We ?

Little Miami Gig is a community-based provider investing millions to build fiber-optic networks capable of delivering Internet speeds up to 10 Gigabit per second and beyond to residents located in the areas we serve.

We offer high-speed, low-latency and high-quality Internet service along with voice and video options, but without the strings of bundling required by legacy providers.

With over 50 years of experience in the communications industry, our owners and staff, have a long heritage and vested interest in the Little Miami Region.


High quality internet
great service and connection speeds

Our clients’ feedback

Who is Little Miami Gig? Little Miami Gig is our first Rural Internet buildout in Warren and Clinton Counties just outside of Cincinnati. Little Miami Gig has been launched with tremendous success for our customers and overall community. We are taking the same approach to developing Belmont County Gig with the community and its residents in mind. Please join us and experience the many benefits delivered by our high-speed Internet deployment.

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